Monday, October 02, 2006


Watch him sleeping at the sofa for 15 minutes 
Then I realized something… 
He is a miracle. 

Dedicated to : 

Someone who always calls me “honey”, even I’ve been act like a shit. 
Someone who says “I love you” everyday, even after we had a terrible fight… 
and even I never say those words back. 
Someone who kept me in his heart since 8 years ago (really? Gosh... its a miracle too). 
Someone who never promised me the world, but the truth and reality. 
Someone who always has times to pick me up and wait for 3 hours in my office, even he’s tired. 
Someone who always says that I’m beautiful, even in my bad hair day. 
Someone who very busy but always have time to send me sweet messages. 
Someone who always listens to my fears, even in his depressed times. 
Someone who always tries to make me happy. 
Someone who comes only to see and hear me when I told him that I need him, even he has no time for himself. Someone who said how lucky he is because he has me.. (I’m the lucky one, that’s the fact..) 
Someone who always has times to give me “5 minutes hug”, when I have “my period of the month”. 
Someone who came with his sleepy eyes because had to wake up at 5 just to pick me up in sentul. 
The only one who made me say "yes", after 6.5 years being alone. 

Dan seseorang yang (sebenernya) sangat tidak sabaran, tapi mau nungguin gue di salon selama ampir 3 jem:p (padahal gue klo nungguin dia 1 jem aja di bengkel, rasanya cemberut terus..:p) 
Someone who never give up on me (do not give up on me, promise?) 

Dear that someone… I love you too. 

Surprise? :)

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