Sunday, August 14, 2005

Hi guys, welcome to my first blog!

Guys, you must be surprised.. “gaptek” person like me, finally has a blog. Thanks guys, I’ll take it as a compliment:) *ga tau malu*

Well l what can I say about me?

I have the greatest family, ever. My parents love me so much.

My daddy is in heaven. He always say that I’ll be the most beautiful woman like Mom, that’s why he gave me Chinese name “Mei Li” (cantik). He said I’ll be a very good and bright woman (is it true, Dad? Am I?). It was hard losing you, dad.. but I know, God has plans, that sometime we never expected. I’m sure you’re happy there, in a peace place, with Jesus in your side, and angles of heaven around you. Just remember I’ll never gonna let you down. I’m here to make you proud, like you always do to me:)

My mom is the most important person in my life. She believes me in everything, she loves me not just in many ways, but in every ways. and she’s the one who say that I always look beautiful, even in my hardest time (waktu salah gunting rambut & keliatan kacau banget, waktu abis putus cinta & desperate abis, waktu lagi jerawatan, waktu sedih karena disirikin temen, waktu bt karena lagi dateng bulan, Mami selalu bilang gue cantik banget.. nice white lies, Mom). She tells me that I’m the most beautiful among the three musketeers (iyalah.. gue kan cewek ndiri.. yang laennya penyamun..). Though I started make her worry since my very first time (gue di kandungan Mami 10 bulan, bo.. sungsang pula..). I love you so much, Mom:)

And I have my step daddy. Honestly, it was not so easy at the first time. But since I knew you love my mom, you care for her a lot, you love the three musketeers (me and my bro), and you’re a good person inside, its become easier than:) Thanks for always supporting us in our bad times:) God sent you to us, in the right time. I supposed to thank Him, finally I realize that His plan is always good:)

Than my brothers! My life, my everything. What can I do without you, guys? You’re my savior, my bodyguard (suka bawel kalo gue kemana2 sendirian), my lovely personal driver (hehe..kidding), my cute pillow (yang bisa gue gebukin & cubitin kapanpun juga.. terutama dede, soalnya empuk, huehehe..), my best friends (berantem pernah juga sih, but we can though it..), my everything!! Koko & Dede, I love you so so so much:) *gubrak..jangan sampe mereka baca blog ini...!!*

Now, what you wanna know about me? I’m just an ordinary girl inside.

I love writing so much. I’ll be a famous author sometime hopefully. (Mmmm… gue suka banget ngelamun yang indah2. Kadang gue suka ngebayangin gimana kalo si A ini jadian sama si B, atau si C terus cemburuan, dll dll.. pokoknya jadi jalan cerita gitu di otak gue.. Seringnya kalo di kelas pas sekolah atau lagi kuliah gitu.. daripada ketiduran, mending gue did something usefull dong:))

I love writing poems. My first poem was published on my fave kids magazine : BOBO, when I was in elementary school. They sent me a t-shirt with two rabbits (named BOBO and UPIK), but I felt like I got the Oscar from Academy Award:)

I love writing fiction stories, with a happy ending. I like my life so much, that’s the reason, and I really want other’s life happy just like mine. That’s why I only read and write happy ending stories. (eh.. tapi kayanya waktu abis broken heart, sempet nulis crita2 sedih gitu sih.. sad ending stories.. dasar Dian.. sok sensi banget sih lo, Yan..). Sometimes I do write non-fiction articles, but not much.

Simple info about me, you can see at my profile at friendster:) -->

--God Bless You--

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Yeay! Cik aku sukaa bacanya, blognya jujur!